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Let's face it. There are billions of websites out there. You need to have the best tools and opportunity to succeed in the wilderness.

That's our expertise. We feature the latest news from social media and SEO to apps, tech, and gadgets. Are you curious what Apple is up to? What's Google got up their sleeve? Facebook and Twitter have you confused? This is the place to find all the answers.

Beginners Guide to SEO

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Reviewing a project is the most important step in improving a website's return on investment (ROI). Every project the Build For Search team reviews will receive a full search engine optimization (SEO) analysis, traffic, social media presence, and site structure analysis. Our easy to understand system will create an in-depth organic search strategy with steps targeted to improving the success of each web project. Many factors are taken into account such as the e-commerce potential, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), and much more.


Build For Search believe each project has it's own path to success. Every task requires a unique set of tools whether it's increasing the unique visitors or improving an existing campaign. By doing a thorough analysis, we can identify all the necessary steps to develop a winning strategy. Our team puts developing a user-friendly website first. A website designed to be user-friendly also has higher search engine visibility.


Just a few years ago everyone saw the same search results, the same website, and the navigation was predictable. In this short time, the Internet has evolved into a complex searchable source of information. To stand out above everyone else, creating an easy-to-navigate system is crucial. A good development plan will lead to a well optimized website. We offer a number of special packages for common content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress, PHP based websites, and custom backends.

Project Portfolio

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Celebrity Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth is the largest resource for all mainstream celebrity financial news. With fresh articles added daily, the site is actively managed by a full staff. The website is the most complete website Build For Search manages.

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My Eden

The Eden Medicinal Society is one of Canada's first legal Marijuana Dispensaries. The shop is located in downtown Vancouver, BC. The dispensary opened in 2011 and operates…

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Lifescape Image

Lifescape Image is an Image Consulting brand created by Lauren Carbis. Lauren provides Solution Focused Coaching for "whole self-discovery". She requested a professional website to promote her…

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“We work with BuildForSearch to augment our larger SEO audits, which has been tremendously valuable for us as we pitch our services to higher trafficked websites. There's a big difference between combing through a website that has thousands of pages than ones with just a few hundred, and BFS continues to help us navigate large data sets to tease out valuable SEO insights” - Tonner Jackson, AntiSocial Solutions
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