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What is SEO, and how does it work?
Speaking in SEO Terms

This SEO Glossary will help you understand the content of the website more easily. The terms and definitions provided are the most frequently used SEO and Internet Marketing keywords. The SEO Glossary is very easy to use; find a word by clicking on its first letter. When you are finished click on the "back to top" button and go to the top of the page to look up a new word. For those of you who have some time to spare, scroll down and up to see our full glossary of technical terms. Hopefully we will be able to explain a few things on your way to SEO Optimization.

Terms by Letter:
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A backlink is a link received to a webpage from another website. Backlinks are used to keep track of popularity. Search engines

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Big Data

Big Data is a set of data which is so complex and large that is unable to be processed by traditional managing

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Bing is a search engine by Microsoft. It is installed on smart phones using the Microsoft Windows mobile operating system and other

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to optimization techniques used by webmasters to increase rankings. The black hat SEO techniques are not meant to

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Bookmark is a link to a website that we save in our web browser or computer for later reference. Same as bookmarks, social

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Bot is a program written to search the web automatically for various reasons (to index web pages, for spamming purposes, etc.). Also, it is

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The term "breadcrumbs" is used for a type of navigation tool applied to websites. The breadcrumbs provide a trail for the user

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