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Cracked Pepper Catering

Chef Beveridge
Dec 2013
Website, Branding, Promotion


Cracked Pepper catering is a local Whistler catering service operating out of Function Junction. The service features dishes created by Chef Beveridge and the company offers organically-inspired food solutions. The website is a simple static website that uses CSS to animate the menu options. Professional images are used in the creation of the design.

  • The Mission

    To develop a static site with basic menu functions for users to view dishes offered by the catering service. The project did not require dynamic features so the website uses CSS to provide animated affects.

  • The Results

    The website was finalized and completed with the guidance of Chef Beveridge. Menu items have been added and a contact form was included in the design. The professional images used help the website create a clean and polished look.

  • Services Provided

    • Design and Photoshop Services
    • XHTML/CSS Slicing
    • Branding Development
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