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Build For Search

website / branding / promotion / nov 2012

Build For Search (BFS) is a development and Internet management brand created by a team of professional freelance developers. The goal of the website is to create a unique source of information for new and experienced developers looking to improve their products. Projects completed by the BFS team are displayed in the portfolio area. We understand that each specialist has an opinion to and every developer is welcome to contribute

How we helped
Hosting Services, Wordpress Implementation, Design and Photoshop Services, XHTML/CSS Slicing, Branding Development, Social Media Marketing, Advanced Caching Services, SEO Management,
All Mountain Gear more info

All Mountain Gear

branding / nov 2012

All Mountain Gear is a template design we created for a client looking to revamp their online shop. The shop features mountain gear, equipment, and mountaineering tools for use in extreme sports.

How we helped
Design and Photoshop Services, XHTML/CSS Slicing,