Beginner's Guide to SEO

What is SEO, and how does it work?

Is SEO Optimization Really Necessary?

Over the years, the search engines have dictated how a website should be built. Today, there are more rules than ever when it comes to constructing a properly built website. By combining a few simple SEO optimization tricks with unique content, you can increase your relevance and rank better for your target keywords. In a sense, you could say the flow a website should be – Better content, SEO Target The Keywords, Increase Relevance, Increase Rankings, Increase TRAFFIC.

Paid Traffic

Why do all this work when it's easier to just buy traffic?

Focusing on paid methods such as cost-per-click (CPC), paid inclusions, or banners placements is a great way to get your brand out, but nothing beats organic traffic. Organic traffic provided by the search engines generally has a much higher performance than paid sources. A site receiving a healthy dose of organic traffic will see an increase in pageviews, ad interaction, clicks, return visitors, and best of all – It's Free! By creating a well optimized site; webmasters can enjoy a steady flow of daily visitors.

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