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What is SEO, and how does it work?

How Does Social Media Marketing Help SEO?

Social Media Marketing is a fairly new addition to the world of SEO. The links generated by social media have always supported SEO for websites, however, the release of large social media networks have created a new platform for people to interact. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are so massively popular that there is always someone discussing your product somewhere. The social media buzz is essentially a party and our goal is to get everyone involved through word-of-mouth.

The great part about social media networks is the common platform users use to interact with each other. It's become so intuitive to share, like, and post, that users will share your products if you offer something of value. A social media presence is not only important, but it's happening regardless of whether we want to get involved or not. The chatter around a website in the social media buzz is a clear sign of positive growth in the eyes of the search engines. That equals better rankings, and more traffic.

3 Essential Social Media Pages

Regardless of whether a website promotes actively on these pages, or just posts news to them, these 3 pages are essential. They are your channels for reaching out for feedback, promoting a new article, or just a way for users to see your brand.

We're using the pages for Celebrity Net Worth as our example. The website takes time to interact with its users and their pay-off is pretty clear. Most recently as of 2013, their reported Unique Visitors has exceeded 400,000 per day.

Once you've created your social media pages, make sure to link over from the new pages to your website. All social media networks provide a website verification method which will improve the bridge between your website and the social media pages.

Popular Social Media Widgets

In many cases, the pages are also required to use the common widgets for social network promotion. If you don't have these pages ready for your products or brand, definitely get it started now. The next step is to get people to share your pages.

Follow our SEO Optimization blog for tips and tricks to improve your social presence.

The best way to get users to share your content is to offer something they want to share. Ask yourself, if I saw this on the Internet, would I want to show my friends.

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