What is SEO, and how does it work?

Usability and How It Affects Content Rankings


Direct from Wikipedia, Usability is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made "website". Another common webmaster mistake is creating a complex website that's hard to follow. Users tend to search for instant gratification when it comes to searching online. Our goal is to make it as easy and entertaining as possible to keep them around. An easy-to-navigate website will receive an increase in pageviews, inbound links, return users, and higher conversion rates. The number of benefits for a well-balanced site is countless.
How do we increase the Usability?

First step is to ensure the menu navigation is easy to follow. We covered that in the previous chapter "User-Friendly Navigation and Design". From there, a website needs to determine its main goal. Is the website running advertising based on impressions or clicks? Is the website a shop? Are there products for sale? A website needs to determine its purpose, then optimize for it.

Here are some more ways to improve usability:

  • Always have a way to get back to the homepage
  • Cut out unnecessary information.
  • Clear, concise sentences that get to the point
  • Always recommend something related
  • Provide links in your content to more information
  • Use headings to break up long articles

For more examples, follow our SEO Optimization blog for more tips and tricks.

The use of headers and paragraphs is another essential part of creating a great site. Nicely laid out content is nicer on the eyes. Based on numerous eye-tracking studies, users view websites in an F-shape. Our natural pattern is to start at the top left, and then move down drawing out the letter F. Here's an eye-tracking chart that shows the focus of the average user:

Eye Tracking

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