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Why is Tracking Analytics Important?

Web Analytics

Web Analytics is just a technical way of terms for reviewing your web statistics. The statistics are your road map for web development. They let you know when something is wrong, whether the changes you made are working, and it is the most useful research tool a webmaster has available.

Google Analytics

Back in the day, there were a number of tracking tools that we needed to install but all we need is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is not only an incredibly useful tool for tracking your stats, it's also a web standard for on-site tracking.

Our SEO Optimization blog has a guide on "How to Install Google Analytics".

The two most useful admins in Analytics are the Traffic Sources and the Content tabs.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources is so incredibly helpful that you really just need to visit it to find out. From this tab, you can see which keywords are bringing you traffic, monitor your ad campaigns, or see which websites are sending you traffic. The number of uses in this section could fill a book so take a little time an familiarize yourself with this section.

Our team is also happy to answer any questions you have about your stats, feel free to Contact Us with your feedback.


The content tab lets you know which pages are performing well. This gives you a wide range of information. It tells you what people are searching for when they visit your website, how many pageviews each user is generating, and there are a variety of tracking services offered by Google Analytics in this section.

Knowing what's popular on your site is a great way to determine what to build next. As you familiarize yourself with this section, make sure to test out the search functions as well. They let you know which types of pages are receiving the greatest interaction. Try searching for something generic like "/post" or "/archive".

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